Professional Pressure Washing by ClearView Surfaces
Professional Pressure Washing by ClearView Surfaces

Pressure Washing

Exterior Cleaning Professionals

ClearView Surfaces is family owned and operated business providing pressure washing services to both residential and commercial businesses. We take a great amount of pride in each and every project we do. We have grown so quickly throughout the last few years by referrals. We take care of each and every customer as if they were our family, and in return we meet our customer’s families. We believe that the “web of referrals” is our greatest advertisement. Meaning, when we leave your house happy, you may share your happiness with your friends, co-workers and family members.

What We Clean and how we are different

We pride ourselves on our range of pressure washing experience, whether with be pressure washing driveways or cleaning pool cages with our one and only low pressure, foaming mildew-cide. As the owner I also pride myself on being involved in my business. I am very reachable and I actively work on many of the job and work build relationships rather than simply acquire contacts. ClearView Surfaces is a full service cleaning company that relies on giving the best customer service possible. We not only offer pressure washing, but also non-pressure cleaning, gutter cleaning and window cleaning. If its outside and can get wet, we can clean and restore it with one of our many cleaning methods and detergents. Everything we clean gets a coat of mildew-cide or algae-cide. This keeps your surfaces looking better for a much longer period of time. Pressure washing alone has no comparison to our services. 

Environmentally Friendly Detergents and Soaps

95% of cleaning products are environmentally friendly, meaning that they are absolutely safe for humans, animals, and plants. The few times we have to use harsher chemicals, we apply them by hand, neutralize them and collect what runoff possible. Furthermore, we take extra precautions when working in trafficked areas, such as commercial properties, to ensure our equipment and our staff are not disruptive or unsafe in any way. Our goal is to make your property look new without any signs of us ever being there.

High-Pressure Pressure Washing Services
Environmentally Friendly Pressure Washing
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