Commercial Pressure Washing by ClearView Surfaces
Commercial Pressure Washing by ClearView Surfaces

Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing Services by ClearView Surfaces - Clearwater FLEvery property owner can benefit from commercial pressure washing. At ClearView Surfaces, our cleaning services are designed to keep commercial properties immaculate throughout the entirety of the year. Let the ClearView Surfaces team get to work cleaning your property and you will be ecstatic with its cleanliness and visual appeal once we are done. Once our cleaning team will wash away all the dirt and grime along the exterior of your building. After our commercial pressure washing services are complete, your building will look brand new.

Professional commercial pressure washing is vastly superior to water sprayed out of a regular garden hose. It is not enough to simply rinse off the exterior of your property with a basic garden hose, let it dry and assume everything is as clean as it can be. Your property needs a thorough pressure washing to be truly clean and reach its aesthetic potential. The alternative is to let your building’s exterior slowly accumulate dirt, dust, allergens, animal droppings, and other grime to the point that it becomes absolutely disgusting.

ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Attention to Detail

Commercial pressure washing requires attention to detail, precision, and good judgment. Sadly, plenty of Tampa Bay area businesses hire inexperienced pressure washers and end up with significant property damage. If commercial pressure washing is not performed with extreme care, it will prove forceful to the point that the look and possibly even the integrity of your building’s exterior is compromised. We strictly use the industry’s best power washing equipment in order to perform a thorough and safe clean.

ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Superior Equipment

Pressure Washing Equipment - ClearView Surfaces - Clearwater FLLet ClearView Surfaces pressure wash your property and you will be more than pleased with the results. Our team uses trailer mount power washers along with an array of cleaning accessories to ensure the exterior of your property looks as close to perfect as possible. It does not matter if you are looking for a single wall to be cleaned or the exterior of several properties; our commercial pressure washing specialists will perform a comprehensive clean that leaves your building looking its best.

No two buildings are the same. This is precisely why we refuse to use a one-size-fits-all approach to power washing. ClearView Surfaces takes the time to analyze the unique aspects of every property prior to performing the clean. Once we have a plan, we will start power washing to eliminate all of the dirt, oil, grease, mold, algae, and other gunk that coats the exterior of your building.

Our equipment blasts the grime right off. We are careful to avoid causing any property damage. Unlike other commercial pressure washing services in the Tampa Bay area, we will not take even the slightest risk when cleaning buildings or homes.

ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Our commercial pressure washing service will enhance the cleanliness and visual appeal of your building or HOA. If your property has not been pressure washed in the past year, it is time for a thorough cleaning performed by ClearView professionals. Reach out to us to schedule an appointment and to learn more about our pressure washing  services and storefront washing services. We will also help with HOA pressure washing services.

ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

HOA Pressure Washing Services

HOA Pressure Washing Services by ClearView Surfaces - Clearwater FLPressure washing common areas of HOAs offers immense benefits, as it significantly improves the looks of these areas and increases the overall lifespan of the buildings. Maintaining a pristine appearance is essential for any HOA manager and partnering with ClearView Surfaces can help you achieve this perfect look. ClearView Surfaces offers a wide range of cleaning services that includes pressure washing, driveway cleaning, rust removal, deck cleaning, patio cleaning, and many other services. If you have yet to use our pressure washing services, here are just a few reasons why using ClearView Surfaces for HOA pressure washing can benefit your homes and neighborhood.

#1 Customized Service

The primary goal at ClearView Surfaces is to offer HOA pressure washing services for common areas as well as the entire community. Maintaining a pristine condition is essential for any neighborhood, as it significantly improves the curbside appeal and value of each home. Whether you need a one-time cleaning or frequent scheduled cleanings, we will guarantee that you are highly satisfied with our cleaning services. We also offer annual, bi-annual, monthly, and customized agreements to meet the needs of each client.

#2 Safety First Mindset

Safety is the top concern at ClearView Surfaces, and our technicians will work in a safe and secure manner throughout the common property and individual areas. All of the cleaning products are eco-friendly, which means that HOA pressure washing is perfectly safe for humans, plants, and animals. Of course, we take even additional safety precautions in high-traffic areas, and our staff is trained on the latest safety measures in the industry.

#3 Fast Service & Competitive Pricing

Depending on the size of the complex, the cleaning times will vary. We will give you a highly accurate time estimate with your free quote. We also offer the best competitive pricing throughout the state of Florida, and you will not have to worry about any price changes once you receive your quote. The use of HOA pressure washing services is critical for the long-term looks and value of your HOA. ClearView Surfaces offers a wide variety of residential and commercial services to ensure maximum satisfaction. Pressure washing performed by professionals is much safer, faster, and cleaner than regular pressure washing. If you wish to learn more details about our services, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation!
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Building Cleaning

Building Pressure Washing Services by ClearView Surfaces - Clearwater FLOur building cleaning power wash service is going to completely clean is exterior of your entire building using our pressure wash system that uses low power and the use of safe chemicals. We will use our power wash system to thoroughly clean all debris, dirt, grime, mold and more from your building. With the use of our power wash system and our 100% biodegradable chemicals, your entire building is going to look refreshed and new again. Besides cleaning the main exterior of your building, we can also clean the windows, roof, gutters, doors and more.

When was the last time the entirety of your building was thoroughly cleaned? If you are like most business owners and managers, you have not had your building cleaned in the recent past. From clients to business partners, employees, and daily operations, there are plenty of people to meet with and things to do. The time has come to stop neglecting the cleanliness of your building’s exterior. You need a professional cleaning team to perform the in-depth clean of your building.

Effective Power Washing

We employ a careful approach when cleaning buildings regardless of their age, condition, size, or shape. Our cleaning team uses power washers, yet we go to great lengths to prevent even the slightest bit of damage to your property. Our system relies on minimal power and safe chemicals to ensure your property stays in top condition. We perform this pressure wash to eliminate all grime, dirt, debris, and mold from the building.

Return Your Property to Glory With a Full Building Clean

Our unique power wash system combined with our fully biodegradable chemicals allows for a comprehensive clean that will have your building looking new again. This is the visual refresh your property needs to look its best and attract new clientele. We can also clean the doors, windows, and gutters, in addition to the main exterior portion of your building. This way, all portions of the building will be fully clean regardless of whether they are visible or difficult to see. Once your building cleaning is complete, you will find the structure is that much more aesthetically appealing.

Building Cleaning is a Phone Call Away

If you are in any way displeased with the look of your property, contact our cleaning team right away. We will assess your building, determine the optimal approach, and perform the comprehensive clean necessary to bring out the best in the property. Give our building cleaning team a call to schedule an initial consultation.
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Parking Lot Cleaning

Parking Lot Pressure Washing Services by ClearView Surfaces - Clearwater FLYour parking lot is the first thing a client or potential client is going to see when they come to your business. We know how important the cleanliness of your parking lot is. If there are oil or grease stains on your parking lot, not only is it unappealing to the eye, it is also not safe to walk on. We will use our pressure wash system to safely remove all dirt, grime, oil stains, grease stains and more to make your parking lot look new again. If your parking lot is ever in need of repair, we will let you know because we want you to spend your money wisely.

Comprehensive Parking Lot Cleaning

Imagine pulling up to a parking lot that is immaculately clean. The asphalt is a beautiful shade of black, void of stains, oil/gas spills, fading, and other unsightly markings. You would likely think highly of such a company and its owner. This is the important first impression every business needs to maximize the bottom line and keep customers and employees safe.

The Thorough Parking Lot Clean Your Business Deserves

Every business should be clean and safe. It all starts with the parking lot. Let our parking lot cleaning team get to work and you will be pleasantly surprised with the final result. Our team uses a pressure wash system to eliminate all of that oil, grime, dirt, and anything else that threatens the aesthetic appeal, safety, or functionality of your parking lot. Our parking lot cleaning experts will even look for areas that need to be repaired. If there are any such problem portions of your parking lot, we will bring them to your attention.

A Thorough Cleaning Makes Your Property That Much Safer

Aside from beautifying your parking lot, a ClearView Surfaces clean will also make your property that much safer. We will eliminate those potentially hazardous oil, grease, and gasoline spills and stains. A customer who slips and falls in your lot is likely to spread the word to friends and family about how your business is not maintaining a customer-friendly environment.

The Worry-free Parking Lot Cleaning Your Business Needs

Let our cleaning experts beautify your parking lot and you won’t have to lift a finger. All we ask is vehicles are moved off the lot and minimize activity during the cleaning. We use cleaning products that are perfectly safe for customers, employees, pets etc. We also take additional precautions when performing cleans in areas with heavy traffic. If there is foot traffic on or near your parking lot, we will do our best to avoid disturbing those individuals.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you own or manage a business in the area, you can benefit from our parking lot cleaning team’s services. Reach out to us to schedule your parking lot cleaning.
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Heavy Equipment Washing

Heavy equipment can get extremely dirty and our low-powered pressure washer along with our safe chemicals work perfectly together on your heavy equipment to get them looking new again. All of the chemicals we will use on your equipment are going to be completely safe. You are really going to notice a difference once we get done washing your heavy equipment. There is no type of heavy equipment that is going to be too big for us to handle. Besides the equipment looking new again, it also good to wash your heavy equipment because it is going to be easier to notice when the equipment is in need of repair.

Reduce Repairs

Heavy equipment accumulates its fair share of dirt and other gunk as time progresses. If you do not have your heavy equipment cleaned, you will pay the price in the form of a higher frequency of breakdowns and the need for replacement sooner than should be necessary.

Importance of Heavy Equipment Cleaning

Heavy equipment will become egregiously dirty just like any other machine used in an outdoor setting. The fact that our area receives its fair share of rain and consequential mud makes heavy equipment cleaning even more important. We have perfected a strategic approach for heavy equipment cleaning. Our team uses pressure washers on low power in combination with specialized chemicals to clean heavy equipment so it looks new. Do not worry about the safety of these chemicals. We have gone to great lengths to ensure each of the chemicals used in our cleaning solutions is perfectly safe.

We are Willing to Accept Heavy Equipment Cleaning Challenges of all Types

Once our team has finished cleaning your heavy equipment, you will notice a monumental aesthetic difference. We are here to handle your heavy equipment challenges, regardless of how large or dirty your machines are. Heavy equipment cleaning performed in the proper manner will make it that much easier for your team to determine when repairs are necessary. Your team will be able to spot equipment flaws with ease once we have performed a comprehensive clean. Be sure to spray down your equipment once in a while to knock off superficial dirt. A clear view of your machines is necessary to spot problem areas and have them repaired in a timely manner.

Heavy Equipment Cleaning Improves Mechanical Performance

A dirty machine will not function as well as a clean machine. Everything from grime to grease, dirt, and fluids will negatively impact the functionality of your team’s equipment. If these machines are not available for use when you need them, projects will stall. Our careful approach to heavy equipment cleaning with low-power pressure washers is ideal as such washers have features and alterable specifications. This approach allows for a thorough clean customized for each individual project.

Contact ClearView Surfaces for Heavy Equipment Cleaning

Our cleaning professionals are here to clean your heavy equipment to perfection. Give us a call to learn more about heavy equipment cleaning and coordinate a free consultation.
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Parking Garage Cleaning

It is extremely important to keep your parking garage area clean because people do not want to park their cars in garages that are not clean. When we clean your parking garage, we will make sure to clean the entire parking garage, including all pavements, walls and ceilings. Parking garages will get a lot of grease, oil and gas stains on the pavement and our soft wash power wash system works great in removing all stains. Once your parking garage is cleaned, it will look new again and people will be proud to park in your garage.

Professional Cleaning Services for Parking Garages

Cleaning your parking garage on a regular basis with a power washer is essential. Our area of Florida is a high humidity environment, which makes it a perfect combination for algae and mold growth inside parking garages. However, Clearview Surfaces can remove all of this mold growth and algae inside the walls of a parking garage.

How Often Should I Use Powerwashing Services?

It is a good idea to powerwash a parking garage at least once a year for the best results. These power washing services can make the entire parking garage look brand new and extend the lifespan of the complex. The buildup of grease, oil, and gas stains is fairly common inside a parking lot, but the use of power washing services can remove all of these stains.

Effective Power Washing Method

The use of our parking garage cleaning services is highly effective, as we employe a methodical approach for the best results. The professional cleaning team will focus on the removal of dirt, grime, debris, and mold without causing any additional damage to the parking garage. All of the chemicals are safe, and we only rely on a minimal amount of power to remove stains.

Restorative Services

One of the main benefits of using our parking garage cleaning services is that we can transform the entire look of your building. The use of these comprehensive cleaning services will create a brand new look and will help to attract more users. Ultimately, this will have a positive impact on your parking garage services and is well worth the minimal investment in using parking garage cleaning services in the area.
Choosing to use a professional parking garage cleaning service offers immense benefits for business owners with parking garages. Clearview Surfaces is a company that power washes parking garages of all sizes, and we will guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our services. It is our mission to provide exceptional parking garage cleaning services for each client in the area.
Interested in getting your parking garage cleaned? Feel free to contact us at any time for additional information about our professional cleaning services today!

ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Chewing Gum, Oil, and Graffiti Removal

We know that there is nothing more frustrating than having chewing gum, oil and graffiti on your property. The high and low pressure systems we use will effectively remove all chewing gum, oil and graffiti from your property. No matter where the debris is located at, we will be able to tackle the problem and get rid of it. Some stains (such as graffiti) may be harder than others to remove but we will use the correct chemicals to safely remove the stains and make sure your property looks its best again. There is no spray paint that is going to be too stubborn for our state-of-the-art equipment.

No property owner should have to deal with the presence of chewing gum, graffiti, oil. Whether gum is on your sidewalk, driveway, porch, or anywhere else, it will prove ugly, sticky, and gross. Fret not, our gum removal professionals are here to return your property to immaculate condition.

ClearView Surfaces Embraces the Challenge of Gum Removal

It is awfully frustrating to find chewing gum anywhere on your property. The presence of gum, graffiti, oil, or any other unsightly material will compromise your property’s aesthetics. In fact, any such gunk has the potential to prove incredibly annoying. Do not attempt a DIY attempt to remove gum, graffiti, oil, or any other substance. The proper removal of gum, oil, and graffiti requires specialized cleaning equipment.

Comprehensive and Professional Gum Removal

Gum removal has changed quite dramatically across the past decade. The modern approach is to attack gum, graffiti, oil stains, and other gunk with high and low-pressure wash systems. These advanced machines will eliminate all that chewing gum, graffiti, oil, and other substances stuck to your property. It does not matter if the gunk is located on your walls, porch steps, gutters, or elsewhere. Our approach to gum removal and cleaning will eliminate the problem for good.

State-of-the-art Cleaning Equipment

Certain stains such as sprayed-on graffiti are especially challenging to eliminate. However, our team will use the proper chemicals to remove these nasty markings in the safest and most thorough manner possible. Once the stains are gone, your property will look absolutely fantastic. Even if the graffiti or other marking is especially severe, our cleaning equipment will remove them without damaging your property. This is the professional, thorough and highly effective clean your property needs to look its best year-round.

ClearView Surfaces is at Your Service

Whether you have gum, graffiti, oil, dirt, mold, stains, or other gunk on your property, we can help. Our gum removal team is here to eliminate the unsightly items and return your property to tip-top shape. Contact us to learn more about gum removal and schedule a free consultation.
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Streak-Free Window Cleaning

We offer a total window cleaning package leaving your view and entire window dazzling.

When windows are cleaned, we use a pressure wash package that will leave your windows dazzling with a perfect view. Windows are detail cleaned from the inside and from the outside of your business. We will wipe down all the frames and window sills of your windows. If there are any obstacles in the way of your windows, we will move them and place them back just as we found them. We will use a specially formulated soap that is known for its long lasting shine on your windows. Many other companies will charge you an extra fee to clean any window screening; we do not do this! No job is too big or small for us.

Every business and home deserve a streak-free window cleaning. Though there are plenty of window cleaning services in the area, many will leave unsightly streaks on windows. Even small streaks can make a major difference in terms of aesthetics as well as visual clarity. Your business deserves a flawless window clean that leaves these surfaces completely clear of streaks. Our streak free window cleaning team is here to beautify businesses, homes and other properties of all varieties.

ClearView Surfaces’ Total Window Cleaning Package

If you own or manage a business the area, you need sparkling windows. Our window cleaning package provides a comprehensive window clean that leaves you with spotless and streak free windows. These are the windows you need to attract customers and see outside with perfect clarity. Our streak free window cleaning crew is here to make it happen.

Interior & Exterior

Let our streak-free window cleaning team perform a thorough cleaning of your windows and you will be more than pleased with the result. Our expert window cleaners clean window interiors and window exteriors. We even go as far as wiping all of the window sills and frames. No obstacle will stand in our way when it comes to window cleaning. Our team makes use of a specially-formulated window cleaning soap that provides a beautiful shine without a nasty residue.

An Affordable Window Clean

We refuse to charge clients for every service related to window cleaning. Rather, we take care of the subtleties of the clean at no extra charge. Our team performs a free screen cleaning while many competitors in the area will charge an extra fee for such a service. We make use of a pressure wash package that leaves your windows perfectly clean. The bottom line is our window cleaning gurus are willing to take on any cleaning project in the area without zapping customers’ budgets. It does not matter if you have enormous windows or diminutive windows. Our team will get the job done, exceed your expectations and convince you to return to us for future cleans.

The Reliable Window Cleaning Team Your Business Needs

We have cleaned windows at businesses and homes throughout the area for nearly a decade. Our team is fully trained, honest and cordial. We are especially proud of the fact that we have grown over the last few years because of customer referrals. ClearView Surfaces strives to exceed customer expectations. Our hope is that you are so pleased with our streak free window cleaning service that you recommend ClearView Surfaces to friends, co-workers, family, and others in your professional and social circles.
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Drive Thru Cleaning

We know you need your drive-thru area to be clean as possible and within all state health code violations. The standards for cleanliness are no different on the outside of your property than they are on the inside of your property. We will thoroughly clean the entire outside of your drive-thru area, including all drive-thru lanes. We will make sure to remove all dirt, grime, mold, oil and grease stains on the entire drive-thru area, including any paved areas. We will make sure to use only our soft wash system on areas that need that special attention so they do not get ruined. When you have your drive-thru cleaned, the area is going to look amazing again.

Our Drive-thru Cleaning Meets the Highest Standards

Business owners need their drive-thru to be in the best possible condition across the entirety of the year. ClearView Surfaces is fully aware if this space does not meet the state’s health code rules, your business will be cited for a violation. We are here to ensure your drive-thru is the highlight of your business.

The Highest Standards of Cleanliness

Our cleaning crew will clean every last inch of your drive-thru and it will pass even the most stringent health code inspection. We hold our cleaning experts to standards higher than those of the state’s health code inspectors.
We take the challenge of cleaning drive-thrus just as serious as cleaning windows, decks, garages, fences, patios, and other spaces of properties. Our cleaning experts will clean the entirety of the drive-thru area. This thorough clean includes all of your drive-thru lanes and paved spaces.

Get Rid of all That Gunk and Grime

The best part of a ClearView Surfaces drive-thru clean is it gets every last bit of all that grime. It doesn’t matter if your drive-thru is laden with mold, grease, oil, dirt, dust, or any other unsightly substance. It will be eliminated during our comprehensive clean. We make use of a soft wash system on spaces that require extra attention. The purpose of this approach is to prevent damaging your property.
Our mission is to execute the perfect clean without compromising the integrity of your drive-thru or surrounding spaces. Once the clean is complete, your drive-thru will look like it did when it first opened. This in-depth clean is exactly what your business needs to keep customers happy and returning for additional visits.

Why a Clean Drive-thru Matters

Customers judge businesses based on their offerings and presentation. If your drive-thru is not in tip-top shape, people will perceive your business as substandard. Don’t let this happen to your business! Let our cleaning crew get your drive-thru in fantastic shape and customers will not hesitate return for future visits. Another benefit of a clean drive-thru is energy efficiency. Dirty surfaces attract and retain heat. Your drive-thru should be as cool as possible.
Those dark surfaces might not be completely comprised of dirt. They might also have mold and bacteria that threaten the well-being of your customers and staff. A thorough clean will ensure the build-up of gunk does not reach the point where costly maintenance, repair or replacement is necessary. This is the cost-effective solution your drive-thru needs to look its best, impress customers and ultimately add to your bottom line
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Dumpster Area Cleaning

Dumpster areas can get extremely dirty and nasty. We know how important it is to keep your dumpster area clean. You want to keep your dumpster area clean but we also know it is not healthy for a dumpster area to be dirty. We will use our power wash system along with our 100% biodegradable chemicals to make your dumpster area clean and to keep it smelling good. Cleaning your dumpster area will not only make your commercial property smell better but it will make your entire business look more appealing to customers. Our trained professionals will have your entire dumpster area cleaned and spotless in no time at all.

A quick look at the many reasons every business should have the area around their dumpster comprehensively cleaned. When was the last time you took a close look at your dumpster? If you are like most business owners and managers, it has likely been months or even years since you examined your dumpster. This often-neglected space is typically laden with dirt, garbage, and other items. It is important to keep the area around your dumpster clean, to prevent potential health issues.

Why Dumpsters and Surrounding Spaces Require Cleaning

Dumpsters and the area around them have the potential to become hazards to your employees and customers. If your dumpster smells so bad that the odor wafts on over to the parking lot or entryway, customers will shop elsewhere. An unwashed dumpster area also has the potential to be a health threat. Professional cleaning services can help the dumpster and the area around it look and smell better.

Dumpster Area Cleaning

Too many cleaning services tout elaborate cleaning methods that are actually just spraying of the hose and a bit of elbow grease. Your property deserves a thorough cleaning. A proper method for cleaning the dumpster area involves an effective pressure washing system.

We use fully biodegradable chemicals

You will notice the difference in the look, smell, and overall presentation of this space. We use fully biodegradable chemicals for cleaning dumpsters and surrounding area. Once the clean is complete, the space around your dumpster will look its best, smell good, and prove almost unnoticeable to customers.

Eliminate Health Threats

Our professional cleaners will get your property in optimal condition. Don’t let this portion of your property become an eyesore. Let our cleaning specialists beautify your business, make your property as attractive as possible, and ensure visitors are not subjected to health threats. Contact us to schedule an appointment.
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Loading Dock Cleaning

Loading docks are very helpful to get business done quickly and efficiently but a lot of dirt, grime, oil and grease gets on them. Our professional staff is highly trained in getting rid of all stains on your loading dock. You want your loading dock to look clean as possible in appearance but it is even more important for the loading dock to be safe for workers to walk and work on them. If grease and oil stains are on them, you pose a serious risk of someone getting hurt by falling down. We understand that safety is up utmost importance and will thoroughly clean the area for you.

Professional Pressure Washing Services

ClearView Surfaces offers loading dock cleaning for a wide range of companies. Loading docks play an essential role in the daily operations of many businesses, and it is critical to keep them clean by using professional commercial pressure washing services. Of course, dirt, grease, oil, and grime tend to build up over time, which is just one more reason to partner with a company that offers professional loading dock cleaning.

Focus on Safety

ClearView Surfaces understands the importance of focusing on safety in the workplace. An accident at a loading dock station is always a dangerous situation and can lead to many hours of downtime. However, a clean loading dock significantly decreases the chance of trip hazards and allows employees to work much more safe and efficient with minimal safety concerns. Our professional staff members will also clean the entire loading dock and keep it in pristine condition. We also offer parking lot cleaning services, as a clean parking lot is much safer and more likely to attract new customers for your business.

Routine Maintenance & Upkeep

ClearView Surfaces schedules frequent sessions of loading dock cleaning to minimize the chance of dirt and grime build up that occurs due to everyday use. Regularly maintaining a loading dock through the use of professional cleaning services will create a much better working environment and make the jobs of each employee that much easier. Ultimately, a clean loading dock enables workers to be more productive and will improve the bottom line for your company.

Why ClearView Surfaces for Loading Dock Cleaning

ClearView Surfaces specializes in loading dock cleaning. We have over seven years of experience in the professional cleaning industry, as we provide residential, commercial, and Homeowners Association pressure washing. We also offer many different cleaning services, such as loading dock cleaning, driveway cleaning, oil removal, heavy equipment washing, rust removal, and much more. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and trained to provide the exact amount of water pressure for each cleaning service. We strive to keep each client well-satisfied by focusing on building long-term relations with business owners and HOA representatives within the community.

Contact ClearView Surfaces for Loading Dock Cleaning

Feel free to give us a call to learn more about our loading dock cleaning and schedule a no-cost consultation.
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Storefront Washing

When we wash your storefront, we will make sure to remove all dirt and grime. We know how important the storefront should look for all businesses and we to clean everything to make it look new again. We will use our soft wash system on your storefront to get it looking its best again. With the use of our soft wash system, we will use only our low-powered pressure washer along with all of the correct chemicals to safely and effectively make your storefront appealing and new again. We will make sure to clean any awnings and windows to make sure everything looks top notch.

When it comes to storefront washing in our area, no team does it better than ClearView Surfaces. We get rid of all that disgusting grime, dirt, and other grime that has accumulated along the exterior of your storefront. This is the immaculate presentation your business needs to appeal to everyone who passes by. With the proper clean, your storefront will look new once again.

Clearview Surfaces’ Soft Wash System

We use a soft wash system with a low-powered pressure washer to ensure a safe and thorough cleaning. We refuse to use any old chemical simply because of its low cost or alleged benefits. Our team invests the time and effort necessary to research the optimal chemicals for the cleaning of your storefront as well as other portions of your building. This is the precise and professional approach your property needs to look its best.

A Comprehensive Clean

Our storefront cleaning is as comprehensive as it gets. We make sure to clean every portion of your storefront from top to bottom. We will apply our soft wash system to the windows as well as the awnings to guarantee every portion of your storefront looks fantastic. This is the spotless clean necessary to generate interest in your business. After all, most customers’ perceptions of businesses are shaped in the first couple of seconds or minutes. If your storefront does not look its absolute best, you will miss out on opportunities to win business.

The Family-owned Storefront Washing Team You can Trust

We take great pride in being locally owned and operated. The money you spend to have your property cleaned will stay right here in the area. We have been in business for more than 7 years for good reason. Our customer-oriented team-high standards and training in the industry. Our aim is to surpass client expectations to the point they refer our team to friends, family, co-workers, and others. From storefront washing to pool cages, window cleanings, brick/wood/stone restoration, and beyond, ClearView Surfaces is here for your cleaning needs.

Contact ClearView Surfaces to Schedule Your Storefront Washing

The best storefront washing in the area is a call away. Our cleaning professionals are here to get your property in perfect condition, ramp up business, and add to your bottom line. Reach out to us today to learn more about our storefront washing services.
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Sidewalk Cleaning

Power washing sidewalks with high-powered power washers can cause real problems. When cleaning sidewalks, we will use our safe wash system that will clean sidewalks back to their original look with our low-powered power washer and the different foam chemicals. If you do not clean sidewalks, not only are they going to look very unappealing, they are also pose of risk of someone falling from the grit that is on them. If you do not clean them, they also pose the risk of cracking. If you use a high-powered washer, they will also pose a risk of cracking. Gentle brushing of sidewalks, along with the use of mild cleaners and low pressure can combine to keep your sidewalk surface looking and performing as it should.

The look of your building’s exterior matters just as much as what is inside. Everything from your sidewalks to your parking lot and lawn all make an impression on visitors. After all, the first impression your property’s exterior makes just might determine whether the customers return for additional business across posterity.

Sidewalks Require a Careful Clean by True Professionals

Cleaning the sidewalk with a high-powered power washer will make a massive difference in look and quality. Unfortunately, the results of this powerful attempt to clean sidewalks can lead to massive problems. Power washes amped up high have the potential to hit the sidewalk so hard that damage can occur. In fact, a high-powered pressure wash can even lead to cracking.

ClearView Surfaces’ Safe Wash System

The better approach to sidewalk cleaning is to rely on Clearview Surfaces’ safe wash system. We will clean your sidewalk so it looks like it did when first installed. This is the thorough but gentle brushing your sidewalk needs to look its best throughout the entirety of the year.

Specialized Foam Chemicals

We use a low-power pressure washer system along with specialized foam chemicals. This is the thorough yet delicate clean necessary to get rid of all that built-up dirt on your sidewalk. Our safe wash system will eliminate all those bird droppings, debris, markings, and other grime.

Remove Unsightly Grit and Dirt

Our sidewalk cleaning team will beautify your sidewalk by cleaning away those unsightly and potentially hazardous accumulations of grit and dirt. You will rest easy knowing all visitors are greeted by a perfectly clean and safe sidewalk.

Let Our Professionals Clean Your Sidewalk

Our sidewalk cleaning team knows exactly what it takes to clean this important portion of your property. All of our cleaning products are perfectly safe for your commercial property, customers, employees, and pets. These cleaning products will not cause any damage to your plants either.

We Control the Application of Cleaning Solutions

We go to great lengths to carefully control the application of cleaning solutions when working in busy portions of your commercial property. Our mission is to keep your business flowing as usual while getting your sidewalks in tip-top shape. Reach out to us to find out more about our services and schedule a cleaning.
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Restaurant Cleaning

We understand how important it is to keep up with the cleaning of your restaurant. Between the health department, franchise visits and the demand of your customers, the upkeep can be hard to maintain, especially keeping oil and grease from sidewalks and outdoor decks.

Not only do these create aesthetic issues but they can also pose a huge slip hazard as well. ClearView Surfaces offers a variety of cleaning options, from one time cleanings to regular contract cleanings at a discounted price. Contracts are flexible to fit your needs and offered for weekly, bi-weekly monthly and bi-monthly scheduled visits. We use the industry’s top of the line detergents designed to dissolve and remove food fats, oil and grease. These detergents, combined with our high pressure steam, will remove the thickest and dirtiest grime from sidewalks, floors, dumpster areas and restaurant equipment. If it’s outside and dirty, we can clean it and make it look new again. You deserve a beautiful clean restaurant and so do your customers! Rely on the best to keep your business looking attractive and clean for new customers, rely on ClearView Surfaces.

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