SoftWash House Washing by ClearView Surfaces
SoftWash House Washing by ClearView Surfaces

SoftWash House Washing

House Pressure Washing Services by ClearView Surfaces - Clearwater FL

Over the years, your beautiful home can be riddled with many different stains that require different cleaning methods and detergents. Our highly trained technicians can detail your entire home, safely and efficiently. We start at the top, cleaning the outside of the gutters, soffits and fascia with a detergent that removes mildew, algae and cobwebs. If mud dabbers are present, we hand scrub those with a special soap. Next is the body wash where we lightly spray an eco-friendly soap on the walls, window frames and doors. This kills the organic mildew growth and brightens the window frames. If orange stains are present from sprinklers, we apply a detergent that completely dissolves them. Last but not least is the grand finale wash. We rinse with low pressure and high volume to remove all remaining containments, leaving your exterior looking like it was just painted and sparkling!

Safety and Precautions

There is nothing worse than spending a a pretty penny cleaning your home only to find damages when the job is done. All too often we hear horror stories from clients about “the last guy.” At ClearView Surfaces, we take pride in using the safest and cleanest practices available. Before starting any work, we document any damages, areas of concerns or potential fragile objects/surfaces. With the use of tarps, plastic and tape, we protect anything we think could be damaged or may experience water intrusion. Property preservation is our top priority!

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