Residential Pressure Washing by ClearView Surfaces
Residential Pressure Washing by ClearView Surfaces

Residential Pressure Washing

ClearView Surfaces offers full service residential pressure washing services. Our pressure washing equipment is made up of heavy-duty, industrial level trailer mount power washers and accessories with the capacities to handle any project, big or small. If it can get wet, we can clean it, restore it and make it look new again.

ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

What can Pressure Washing Remove?

What Can Pressure Washing Remove - Residential Pressure Washing by ClearView Surfaces - Clearwater FLPressure washing can remove years of dirt accumulation, oils and grease, environmental pollutants, mildew, and algae from all surfaces. Not all surfaces are cleaned in the same manner though. Power washing is a technical proficiency. ClearView Surfaces is highly skilled and trained in proper equipment use and knowledgeable in multiple cleaning applications. Too often, power washing operators rely purely on high pressure, or PSI, when cleaning. This is due to lack of knowledge and inadequate equipment. This has the potential result of immediate or long term damage to the item being washed. By using hot water steam(180+ degrees °F), the appropriate detergents and cleaners, and the volume of water produced by our equipment, we can get superior results with much lower pressure. We utilize high pressure where demanded, and low to moderate pressure for more delicate surfaces mixed with the proper cleaning agents.
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Pool Cage Cleaning

Pool Cage Cleaning - Pressure Washing by ClearView Surfaces - Clearwater FLWhen we clean your pool cage, we will clean every part of the cage. When cleaning the cage, we will only use our no-pressure system which uses a foaming mildew-cide. Pool cages get a lot of algae and mildew on them and our system will completely get rid of all of the unwanted algae and mildew. Our low pressure system will effectively remove all the algae and mildew without the risk of damage. Over time the sun will oxidize the paint. If you use a high pressure washer to clean the cage, it most likely will remove the oxidation and makes strips in the paint. This doesn’t include the risk of ripping or tearing screens. All of the detergents and cleaning agents that we use are 100% bio-degradable, making sure to keep your family and pets safe. When we are finished with the cleaning, your pool cage is going to look completely new again.

ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Pool Deck Cleaning

Pool Deck areas are not maintenance free. Dirt, built-in grime, algae, mold and mildew accumulate on pool deck surfaces and give your deck’s surface a dull and faded appearance. When you use our low-powered power wash system with the different varieties of 100% biodegradable chemicals, your deck is going to be restored to its original beauty. We will wash all portions of the deck. Our pool deck cleaning process will thoroughly wash your decking with our specialized cleaning detergents that kill and remove all surface dirt, dust, built-in grime, algae, mold and living organisms. This cleaning process washes away all unwanted buildup to reveal a deck that looks like new.

ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Driveway Cleaning

Driveway Cleaning - Pressure Washing Services by ClearView Surfaces - Clearwater FL.jpgWhen we clean your driveway, we will make sure to clean the entire area and make sure not damage to any grass or plants anywhere around your driveway in any way. When cleaning your driveway, our pressure washer will not rely only on high pressure. We will make sure the use the right amount of chemicals and detergents to clean your driveway making sure to remove all stains, dirt and grime. Driveways can be severely affected by Oak trees, sprinkler rust, moisture and high temperatures. The black growth you see on your driveway is gloeocapsa magma. Gloeocapsa magma is a type of algae that feeds of humid damp limestone rock. Cleaning your driveway will make dramatic improvements to the appearance of not only your driveway, but the entire house!

ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Fence Cleaning

Fence Cleaning - Pressure Washing Services by ClearView Surfaces - Clearwater FLYou do not want to use a regular high-powered power washer to clean your fencing because it is going to damage the surface quickly. The use of our soft wash system will safely clean your fencing with a low-powered pressure washer and our 100% biodegradable chemicals. When washing your fencing, we will make sure to wash all areas of the fencing and make sure that we do not damage any of your landscaping, such as grass and plants. Besides cleaning your fences to keep them eye appealing, you also need to keep them cleaned to keep them structurally sound and not in need of replacement.

If your fence is dirty, you might be tempted to rent, borrow or buy a power washer to give it a thorough clean. This is a mistake! The typical person does not know how to properly use a power washer. Most people opt for the strongest possible setting and blast away at their fence or other portion of their property assuming the water will clear away all that built-up grime and gunk. The unfortunate truth is that using a regular high-powered power washer to clean a fence will likely cause extensive damage.

Avoid Damage

If you clean your fence with a high-powered power washer, it will damage the surface. This damage won’t gradually occur throughout the project. Rather, it will happen right away. Sure, the high-powered pressure washer might clean off the dirt and grime yet it will also leave a damaged fence surface behind. The solution is to ally with Clearwater’s proven power washing professionals.

Soft Wash System

We are revered as the best fence cleaning crew in the area for good reason. We make use of a soft wash system that cleans fencing in a completely safe and effective manner. Our team has access to low-powered pressure washers that will not compromise the integrity of your fence in any manner. We also use 100 percent biodegradable chemicals to ensure your fencing is cleaned in a thorough manner.

Avoid Damaging Landscaping

Let our team power wash your fence and you won’t have to worry about whether your surrounding landscaping, bushes, trees, grass, and flowers are treated with care. We take a close look at the nuances of each property before getting to work. Our team will wash every area of your fence and avoid your delicate landscaping.

Maintain Structural Integrity

Every fence builds up dirt, grime, gunk, bird droppings and other unsavory particles as time progresses. Let ClearView Surfaces clean your fence to keep it looking its best. Aside from boosting the visual appeal of your property, a thorough fence cleaning will also keep your fence structurally sound. This way, you won’t have to shell out your hard-earned money for a brand new fence in the coming months or years. It is much cheaper to have our fence cleaning experts power wash the gunk off your fence than it is to have the fence torn down and completely replaced. Call us today to get a free quote.
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Siding Cleaning

Siding Cleaning - Pressure Washing Services by ClearView Surfaces - Clearwater FLNo matter if you have vinyl, aluminum, stucco or painted wood siding, our siding cleaning service can safely and effectively improve the appearance of the entire exterior of your home. Siding gets extremely dirty from blowing dirt, rain, construction and insects. Regularly cleaning your siding will keep your property looking top notch. Our low pressure safe wash process will effectively and affordably remove all of the build-up from your siding. The use of our 100% bio-degradable soap and our low pressure system will literally melt away all of the mildew, mold and grime that is on your siding. Your siding will look new again after a siding wash.

No two homes are exactly the same on the inside or the outside. Some have vinyl siding. Others have aluminum, painted wood or stucco siding. ClearView Surfaces’ siding wash experts know exactly how to clean these highly nuanced surfaces. Our team has been trained, educated and put to the test with every single type of home siding surface found in and around the area. A siding wash is exactly what your property needs if it is beginning to look old, worn, outdated or dirty. Put your faith in our cleaning aficionados for your home’s siding wash and you will not be disappointed.

Built up Gunk

Home siding tends to build up gunk when the strong winds pass through and the rain falls. Even nearby construction projects and the presence of insects can compromise home siding. If you let all those nasty particles build up over time, your property’s appearance will gradually diminish. The solution is our home siding cleaning service.

Benefits of Siding Cleaning

ClearView Surfaces’ home siding cleaning service greatly enhances the look of the full exterior of your house. Our washing service is performed in a highly effective and completely safe manner. If you are not completely satisfied with how the exterior of your home looks, a side wash will work wonders for its aesthetics. Freshly cleaned siding will improve your property’s visual appeal, boost the property value and make you feel proud of your living space.

Low-Pressure Wash Process

We have gone to great lengths to develop a flawless system to thoroughly clean home siding. Our cleaning experts make use of a low-pressure wash process that is completely safe and extremely effective. This affordable home siding wash system gets rid of all that gross buildup across the entirety of your home siding. We do more than merely spray water at a low-pressure setting. The water is applied in unison with a 100% biodegradable soap. This multifaceted attack melts away all the disgusting build up on your home siding, whether it is dirt, mold, mildew, grime or anything else. The end result is freshly cleaned home siding that looks perfectly clean and new. If you own a home in the area, our siding cleaning experts are at your disposal. Reach out to us today to obtain a free quote for a thorough clean of your property.
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Wall Cleaning

Wall Cleaning - Pressure Washing Services by ClearView Surfaces - Clearwater FLOur professional low-pressure power washing system and 100% biodegradable variety of chemicals works great on cleaning walls back to their original look and appeal. By power washing your walls, you can quickly and effectively remove any and all built-up dirt, grime, algae, mold, sediment and other debris that accumulates on your walls. This not only helps walls to look beautiful but it can also reduce wear and tear by getting rid of mold, algae, insects, weeds and more. Over a period of time, the break down will cause damage to both wood, masonry and degrade paint and stains. Keep your walls looking pristine and eye appealing by getting them cleaned on a regular basis.

Home Wall Cleaning Services

As time passes, the walls of homes and buildings gradually accumulate dirt, grime, sediment, mold, animal waste and other unsavory substances. It is a mistake to leave these substances on the walls of your home or business. If you live or work anywhere in the area, we are here to return your walls to their original appearance. If we can’t completely restore them to their original aesthetic, our wall cleaning service will dramatically improve their cleanliness and visual appeal.

About Our Wall Cleaning Service

We clean the walls of homes, businesses and other facilities with a low-pressure washing system. Unlike many of our Clearwater competitors, we refuse to use chemicals that have the potential to damage walls. Rather, we use fully biodegradable chemicals to thoroughly clean walls of all varieties. The aim is to return walls and siding to their original appearance. Pressure washing can be applied to every type of wall and siding, regardless of whether it is aluminum-vinyl, stucco, fiber cement or wood.

Why Every Property Owner Should Have Their Siding Cleaned

A power washing of walls and siding is a highly effective means of getting rid of all that sediment, mold, algae and random debris that clings to your property’s walls. If enough accumulates, it will compromise the aesthetic appeal of your home or facility. A comprehensive power wash is a solution to this problem. It beautifies walls and siding. A wall cleaning also decreases wear and tear by eliminating everything from insects to mold, weeds, algae and beyond. Do not let this grime build up without taking action. If your property’s walls and siding are not power washed, they will gradually deteriorate, causing damage to masonry, wood, paint, and stain.

Florida Properties Face a Heightened Risk

Power washing is more important to FLorida properties than those in other areas of the country. Florida’s subtropical climate makes it difficult to keep walls and siding in tip-top shape. Our area receives ample sun, rain, wind, and humidity. The dirt and grime stick to the sides of homes and other buildings with ease. Add in the fact that mildew, mold, and algae settle on these surfaces and eat away at the siding and the problem becomes that much more severe. This is precisely why every Florida property should receive a wall cleaning at least once every year.

A Power Wash Saves Money

Have a wall cleaning performed at your property and it will dramatically reduce surface wear. A wall cleaning boosts curb appeal that pleases neighbors, customers, and potential property buyers. A wall cleaning will also preserve your money as you won’t have to invest in as many paint jobs in the coming years.
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Rust Removal

Rust Removal - Pressure Washing Services by ClearView Surfaces - Clearwater FLRust stains are very common on concrete and other hard surfaces. Our low pressured power wash system and the different chemicals we use can safely and effectively remove any rust stains you have. Rust stains can appear on irrigation lines, garden tools and anywhere with a fertilizer overspray. It is basically almost impossible to get rid of rust stains by using cleaners you purchase in the store. By getting your areas cleaned with our power wash system, you can remove rust stains from any and all surfaces in and around your home. It is always better to clean rust stains as soon as you notice them because it is easier to remove them earlier than later.

Rust Stains are Common

Rust stains ruin the visual appeal of just about everything inside and outside of a home or commercial property. Whether it is a concrete surface, garden tool, or irrigation lines the presence of rust degrades its aesthetic. Rust stains are particularly common on hard surfaces in and around the home.

Comprehensive Rust Removal

ClearView Surfaces has perfected rust removal from surfaces of every type. ClearView Surfaces uses low-pressure power washers in combination with safe and highly effective chemicals designed to treat rust stains.

DIY Cleaning Products are not as Effective

Do not assume a DIY rust cleaning products available at a local store will eliminate these stains. These supposed solutions for rust stain removal rarely work. The best approach to rust removal is to have industry veterans, like the highly experienced team at ClearView Surfaces, strategically power wash the rust stains away. Rust removal must be completed throughout the interior and exterior of your home, business, or other property.

Why Rust is so Difficult to Remove?

Rust has the potential to form just about everywhere: concrete, tiles, bricks, stone, siding, stucco, vinyl, asphalt, shingles, and beyond. Rust is notoriously difficult to remove from surfaces, especially those that are outdoors. Rust nestles down deep into concrete and other materials. It is ugly, reduces the curb appeal of your property, and will only worsen if neglected. Act quickly by contacting ClearView Surfaces to restore your property to its original, rust-free aesthetic.

Act now Before Your Rust Problem Worsens

When it comes to rust stains, time is of the essence. Rust stains prove that much easier to remove in a comprehensive manner when they are tended to immediately after formation. Don’t delay after you spot the initial signs of rust.

Contact ClearView Surfaces for Rust Removal Services

Are you tired of looking at the rust stains on your property’s surfaces, your outdoor tools, and other items? Reach out to ClearView Surfaces today to find out more about our rust removal services. You can also schedule a no-cost consultation.
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Garage Cleaning

We will power wash the entire flooring in your garage. A lot of dirt, grease, oil stains and dried on leaves will accumulate on your garage flooring over the winter months. Our power wash system will safely and effectively clean your entire garage flooring using our low-pressure water pressure system and our safe chemicals that are 100% biodegradable. You do not want to keep grease and oil stains on your garage flooring because not only is it not appealing, it is also a danger in the possibility of falling. Your garage flooring will look new after we use our professional system to clean it.


Let our Experts Clean Your Dirty Garage From Top to Bottom

Most area homeowners neglect their garage for several months or even years. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t cleaned out your garage in a while. Let our team of garage cleaning experts tackle this project for you. We will eliminate all the dirt, dust, and other gunk to bring your garage back to glory. You won’t have to lift a finger while our garage cleaning professionals transform your garage from soiled to spotless.

Our Garage Cleaning Process

Let our team handle your garage cleaning so you don’t have to bother with finding the right cleaning equipment and spending hours attempting to revitalize this dirty and dusty space. We start out by power washing the entirety of your garage floor. If you take a close look at the flooring, you will undoubtedly find everything from oil stains to grease, dirt, dust, dried leaves, and so on. Our power wash will eliminate all of that built-up gunk. This is a highly effective and completely safe clean. We use power washers at a low-pressure setting. Our chemicals are safe and fully biodegradable. So don’t fret about potential risks. Our approach has cleaned countless garages to perfection.

Why a Garage Cleaning is Necessary

It is time to clean this neglected space in your home. Let our team perform a comprehensive clean of your garage and you won’t hesitate to spend time in your newly-cleaned garage. You’ll feel much more at home in a well-cleaned garage. Whether you would like to use your garage for working on your vehicles, tinkering with items at your workbench or anything else, you won’t hesitate to make the most of this space once it is cleaned by our crew. Think about how nice it will be to pull into your garage, get out of your car and see garage flooring that is perfectly clean. Those oil stains and grease will be nowhere in sight once our garage cleaning team is through with your garage. You’ll have a visually impressive garage that you are truly proud of. There will be no risk of slipping on oil or grease. Your garage will look, feel and smell fantastic after our deep clean.

A Safe and Thorough Clean

Let our team get to work on your garage cleaning project and you will rest easy while we are hard at work. We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products that are perfectly safe for people, pets, plants and everything else. All you have to do is move your vehicle out of your garage and our team will get right to work.
ClearView Surfaces - Professional Pressure Washing - Clearwater FL

Deck Cleaning

Decks are not maintenance free as many decking companies will tell you. Dirt, built-in grime, algae, mold and mildew accumulate on deck surfaces and give your deck’s surface a dull and faded appearance. Even if your decking is stained and has a water-seal on it, the problem is going to be the same. When you use our low-powered power wash system with the different varieties of 100% biodegradable chemicals, your deck is going to be restored to its original beauty. We will wash all portions of the deck, including all stairs and railings. Our deck cleaning process will thoroughly wash your decking with our specialized cleaning detergents that kill and remove all surface dirt, dust, built-in grime, algae, mold and living organisms. This cleaning process washes away all unwanted buildup to reveal a deck that looks like new.

Make Your Deck Look Brand New

Plenty of homeowners assume their deck requires minimal or even no maintenance. In reality, just about every deck requires some attention. In some instances, repair, or a fresh coat of paint is necessary. The one thing that benefits every type of deck is a thorough cleaning.

Proper Deck Cleaning

If you take a close look at your deck from every angle, you will likely notice it is dirtier than it appears. Decks gradually build up dirt, mold, mildew, algae and other gunk. This occurs on the surface as well as other portions. The problem with letting your deck accumulate grime is it will eventually become dull. As time progresses, your deck’s color will gradually fade. This is true for decks that are fully stained as well as those with water seals. The solution is a thorough clean by ClearView Surfaces.

We Use a Special Power Wash System

We use a special power wash system with fully biodegradable chemicals. This is the low-powered power wash your deck needs. The power of the water flow is intentionally limited to prevent damage to your deck during the cleaning process. This is one of the many seemingly minor but important differences between our deck cleaning company and the competition. Let our team of cleaning experts clean your deck and it will look like it did when it was first installed.

A Cleaning Process Second to None

ClearView Surfaces’ deck cleaning service washes every part of the deck, from the railings to the stairs, the walking surface and beyond. This is the comprehensive wash your deck needs to look its best. Our detergents destroy all of that grime, dirt and dust. Whether your deck is loaded with mold, algae, gunk or even living organisms, it will all be gone following our thorough clean.

Family-Owned and Operated

Give us the chance to clean your deck and you will quickly find we are different from the rest of the areas cleaners. We are a family-owned and operated business. We treat each of our customers as if they are a member of our family. We take great pride in the fact that many of our customers are so happy with our work that they recommend us to family, friends, co-workers and others. Let us get to work on beautifying your deck and you won’t hesitate to step on it while barefoot. Just as important is the fact that you will feel perfectly comfortable letting our professional staff work on your property.
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